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April 2013

APR. 11 - "Every Student Matters"


Each year thousands of young people are pushed to drop out of school because of outdated “zero tolerance” disciplinary policies. Those policies don’t work, and they’re hurting us, our families, and our communities.

That's why young men of color from all over Los Angeles County are leading the Brothers, Sons, Selves coalition: a movement working to end disciplinary policies that hold back young people, and replace them with practices that create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students.

On Thursday, April 11, Brothers, Sons, Selves will bring together hundreds of youth, community members, and elected officials to launch “Every Student Matters.” It’s a citywide effort to pass the School Climate Bill of Rights, a school board resolution that would support all students in becoming healthy, thriving adults.

Will you join them?

“Every Student Matters” takes place on April 11 from 4-7pm at Augustus Hawkins High School (825 W. 60th St. Los Angeles, CA 9004). You can find more information on Facebook or by contacting Alex Stewart at Community Coalition (323 750-9087, ext 105).

To build a vibrant future for Los Angeles, we need to make sure that every young person has a fair chance to succeed. We want to make our schools stronger, our neighborhoods safer, and help our city succeed. Please join us on April 11!

Every Student Matters is a student-led countywide campaign to reform school discipline and promote common-sense and smart discipline strategies that create a healthy and supportive school environment for students – environments that keep students in the classroom and on track to graduate.  This campaign is led in partnership with the Brothers Sons Selves Coalition and the Long Beach Building Healthy Communities.

Brothers Sons Selves is a coalition of L.A. county community organizations working towards a common agenda to improve the lives of young men and was created in partnership with The California Endowment.