Los Angeles Civil Unrest: 20 Years Later

The Civil Unrest was a watershed moment for many residents, activists, organizations and for the progressive movement in Los Angeles.

The civil unrest had a deep impact on Community Coalition, our organizing and our members. You can find the stories of our residents, leaders and others on our new blog www.LACivilUnrest.org -- a site with a wealth of information, resources and stories of that fateful April 29th, 1992. Visit www.LACivilUnrest.org to learn more.

george graham community coalitionCommunity Coalition organized a Weekend of Commemoration of the 1992 Civil Unrest with a series of community events including meetings, dialogues and a rally.

On Sunday, April 29 we had over 300 residents, families, youth, allies, as well as community, faith-based, and elected leaders join us for a spectacular community fair and rally that we held on the vacant lot of 81st and Vermont Ave. We kicked off the afternoon with rally to one of the long-lasting symbols of the L.A. riots: vacant lots that are still sitting empty in our community. We ended the day with good music, food, entertainment and inspirational speakers from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Congresswoman Karen Bass, Yasser Aman of UMMA Clinic, and speakers from Brotherhood Crusade, SCOPE/AGENDA, Los Angeles Land Trust, and many others.

Los Angeles RiotsOn Saturday, April 28 many of you came out to remember and reflect on how our community has changed in the last two decades. We had a packed house at First AME Church that morning with some great speakers including community members SCYEA alumni Tony Zepeda, South L.A. residents Lilian Marenco and Deann D’Antignac, as well as our distinguished panelists Congresswoman Karen Bass, President of the Police Commission John Mack, Deputy Director of PolicyLink Mary Lee, LAANE Senior Community Organizer Kokayi Kwa Jitahidi, President of the K.W. Lee Center Do Kim, Director of USC PERE Manuel Pastor and Executive Vice President of Community Coalition Alberto Retana.

In the Media
Check out some of the media highlights from our weekend of commemoration and how the civil unrest affected Community Coalition and community activism in South L.A.


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